Ritual for the Cold Moon

Ritual for the Cold Moon


The light of a full moon is all about illuminating and stirring the embers of what is ready to be ignited within. Bring this awareness into December’s Cold Moon with a Cold Moon ritual.

The Cold Moon rises in the December sky, amidst ice flurries and blankets of snow. The spiritual power of this aptly named cold moon is a reminder to kindle the flame that lives within. There are embers that are burning deep within, waiting to be fanned into flames that will bring warmth and light to the parts of your being that may now be living in the shadow.

The light of a full moon is all about illuminating and stirring the embers of what is ready to be ignited within. Bring this awareness into this Cold Moon ritual as you light the path into the next phase of your transformation.

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Items to Gather

  • Fresh water in a clear glass
  • Candle and matches
  • Resins of frankincense and myrrh (the combination of these two resins is used in Chinese Medicine to get Qi, or life energy, moving)
  • Journal and writing tool
  • Blanket or shawl to drape around you for warmth

Cold Moon Ritual

As the moon rises, place your glass of water where it will sit under the light of the moon. Wrap yourself with a blanket or shawl for warmth. Heat your coal in a fire-safe dish and place the frankincense and myrrh resins on top of the coal. As you light your candle, bring into your mind your intention for this Cold Moon ritual. Ask yourself the question, “What part of me is hiding in the shadow and would benefit from warmth and light?”

You may immediately receive an answer, but don’t worry if you aren’t sure. Let yourself sink into a meditation, allowing the question to settle in you, uncovering the layers that are ready to come into the light. Let your gaze soften, but keep your eyes open. Allow the fragrance of the resins, the warmth of the candle, and the light of the Cold Moon to permeate your senses.

Sit for a length of time that feels appropriate for you. Become deeply attuned to your own truth, and honor the calling that tells you it is time to return from your meditation. Gently bring yourself back into the realm of the room. Notice again the light spilling in from the candle and from the moon itself. Slowly raise the glass of water to your lips, allowing the first sip to wet your mouth. Take a second sip and feel the moon water as it releases into your body, bringing with it the power of the Cold Moon.

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Feel the warmth in your belly as it is greeted by the water.

Take your journal and your pen and begin by writing what came to you as a response to your question. There may be words, but also notice if there are sensations in your body, images that come to mind, or sounds that filter through. Your intuition may speak to you in many different ways. Allow yourself to become familiar with them all, and trust what you are experiencing.

Once you have discovered what is ready to be seen, spend some time writing about that part of yourself. Don’t worry about creating any structure around it. Just as light is dim when it first filters into a room, the light of your awareness may only illuminate shapes and subtle sensations at first. Relax into the knowing that what is meant to be uncovered will come forth in its own time.

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When you have completed writing, let yourself sit again in stillness, allowing what needs to settle back down to have the space to do so. Your inner light and knowing has been ignited under the light of the cold moon. Sit with that feeling and allow yourself to trust what has come forth. It is just the beginning of the uncovering.

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Cold moon ritual

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