Spiritual Meaning of the Cold Moon

Spiritual Meaning of the Cold Moon


Occurring near the winter solstice, the Cold Moon invites you to take a closer look at what lies beneath the seemingly cold and frozen surface. Discover the spiritual meaning of the Cold Moon.

The full moon in December is known as the Cold Moon, named of course for the temperatures in the northern hemisphere. Occurring near the winter solstice, the Cold Moon invites you to take a closer look at what lies beneath the seemingly cold and frozen surface. The nights are the longest of the year, so there is a potent opportunity to explore the shadows, the places within that often remain unexamined.

Beneath the Cold Moon

When the Cold Moon brightens the night sky, it is a reminder to sit with the stillness and fan the inner flames with practices of introspection and awareness. Although the holidays loom large ahead, this Cold Moon harkens a return to inner awareness.

Nature can teach us a great deal about what it means to adapt to the cold. There is important work that is done in the cold, and it is done without fanfare, without show. The snow falls and covers the earth with a pristine and beautiful layer, blanketing the world in silence.

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Although the landscape under the Cold Moon seems desolate and barren, imagine what is happening in nature beneath the frozen realm. Animals are hibernating in their dens. Seeds and bulbs are shoring up their reserves, inhabiting the mystery of the seeming stillness that will burst forth when spring returns.

The time of the Cold Moon is a time of deep rest. It is a time to attend to the rituals of renewal and to practices of peace. Bring this into daily life in ways both big and small.

Spiritual Themes for the Cold Moon

As you look to the spiritual meaning of the Cold Moon, seeking solace and wisdom for how to navigate this season, remember how the natural world has adapted. Look to the themes of rest, renewal, and shadow as the wisdom that will guide you through the last days of the year. Be soft and gentle with yourself as you sit with the discomfort of stillness, the unfamiliar territory of the shadows.

Although the pace of the holidays has shifted in the last couple of years with fewer gatherings and social obligations, feelings of isolation and loneliness are difficult. Creating an atmosphere for rest and calm can invite an appreciative approach to time spent alone. Attend to yourself and your need for rest as you would to a small child. Allow yourself to nap or choose a book of fiction you have been wanting to read and allow yourself to drift off into the world of words. You may find sleep comes easier when words rather than blue light lead the way.

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There is a constant desire to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the world, but the constant stream of information is overwhelming. This is a potent time to seek renewal, which often begins with turning off the constant stream of input and becoming deeply intentional about what you include in your day. With less outside input, you can begin to tune in to what your body truly needs. The ways that you move, eat, drink, think, and reflect are basic but powerful places to examine how you are nourishing yourself on every level. Ask yourself, “What do I truly need?” and let yourself be still enough to hear the answer.

As the Cold Moon shines bright in the sky, look within to discover your shadow side, the places within you that remain hidden from view. There may be fears, grief, or despair simmering beneath the surface of your awareness. The light of this moon can help you gently explore those places with compassion. You may want to seek out a friend or therapist to excavate deeper levels of trauma that may be living in your shadowy realm. By bringing these parts of yourself into the light, you release the shame and pain of them. It may feel scary, but trust that you are not alone, and reach out for help to remind yourself of that truth.

Let the Cold Moon bring you back to yourself, to a place of rest and discovery. The wisdom that is unearthed in this stillness will be the fertile soil that will allow you to grow into the next season.

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Spiritual meaning of the cold moon

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