Ancient Art of Incense

Ancient Art of Incense


If you don’t already use it daily, you may associate incense with your college years—the familiar smell and smoke in dorm rooms masking, well, other familiar smells associated with college. The burning of incense is actually an ancient practice utilized by cultures all over the world as a sacred and healing tool. The aroma perks up your senses and creates an atmosphere for mindful awareness. Incense can complement your daily routines, from your yoga and meditation practice to easing tension from a long day at work.

What is it?

Established over 30 years ago, Auromere is one of the top importers of cruelty-free Ayurvedic body care and other conscious living products. They are operated by a non-profit integral yoga community in the U.S. Along with many other community-building activities, twenty-five percent of their profits from incense helps support a local village school in one of the poorest parts of India. They offer twenty-four types of incense in three assortments: Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy, Flowers and Spice.

Does it work?

One morning, I lit the Auromere Flowers and Spice Incense assortment in Myrrh marked “Awakening” in my office as I worked. The packaging suggests that myrrh “awakens an awareness of the spiritual reality behind everyday existence.” The fragrance certainly heightened my awareness of my tasks at hand, while also generously filling the room with a floral scent. When I was winding down my day, I tried the Sandalwood “Purity” from the Ayurvedic assortment. Sandalwood is known for its anxiety-reducing benefits and it was the perfect way to complement my bath. I closed my eyes, breathed in the rich scent, and let go the stress from my day.

Final thought

It may be difficult to discern the difference in quality from one brand of incense to another, but the beautiful packaging, thoughtful intention behind each product, and Auromere’s history of community-giving make this choice worthwhile.

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