Calling It Quits

reviewed by Kristine Morris

A Film by Anthony Tarsitano

City Squirrel Films, Inc.

Calling it QuitsDante Milestone, a successful but worldweary businessman, finally “calls it quits” on his frenetic, mind-numbing life in an effort to find a way to end his ennui and purposelessness. Realizing that he had given up his youthful dreams to pursue “the good life” and now facing the loss of his wife, Dante surprises everyone by walking away from his high-pressure job to search for some measure of meaning and happiness. His bumbling attempts only make him more depressed, until a fateful meeting sets him on the path of inner growth and empowers him to face and accept the deeper cause of his torment. The character-driven film offers lots of moments for laughter and tears, and will provoke some deep thinking about what, in the final analysis, it really takes to fill a life with meaning and happiness.

Calling It Quits has an awardwinning cast and was the winner of a Best Feature Film award. Anthony Tarsitano was honored with an award for Best Story, Best Directorial Debut, and Best Director, and the film also earned the Best Original Song award for Coming Down with Love, written by Dan McLoughlin and Chris Trapper.

Tarsitano says, “With almost 60 years of life under my belt, I wanted to share what life has taught me and do it in a way that was real, uplifting, and — hopefully — entertaining. I didn’t want to make a cookie-cutter Hollywood film, but a film that touched on all aspects of our lives — love, family, desires, and spirituality.

...As we screened the film across the U.S., I was pleased to learn that it had succeeded and how deeply it had touched audiences.”


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