Letting Go

reviewed by Kristine Morris

Transform Your Life, Transform the World: A Sedona Method Movie

Hale Dwoskin

Letting GoHale Dwoskin and the sedona Training Associates want you to share this movie, so give it to your friends, your family, your colleagues at work, your support groups, and the members of your church, mosque, or synagogue —but first, watch it yourself. Watching this film is like being present at a sedona Method workshop — maybe better. The music is moving, the scenery shots couldn’t be more beautiful, and the filmmaker’s technical wizardry makes the film shine. But more than that, Hale Dwoskin is a remarkable teacher whose heart-knowledge of his subject is reflected in his presentation. His confidence, joy, and compassion for the human condition are palpable.

The Sedona Method, a work conceived by the late Lester Levinson and now carried on by Dwoskin, is a tool for staying fully present in the now. “Most of us,” says Dwoskin, “are carrying burdens from the past. By carrying them, we re-experience them over and over. We get addicted to our stories and to our suffering, but by letting go of what was, we gain what is.” Dwoskin says that the mind is lying to us when it tells us that if we let the emotion come out, we’ll be a “basket case” — totally out of control. “society tells us that too, but it’s not true,” he says. Actually, the sedona Method’s simple questions lead to letting go easily, and release is often accompanied by laughter as people feel years of pain fall away.

Try this: Pick up a pen and hold it tightly in your hand. see it as the problem or the suffering you’re experiencing, whether sorrow, loss, anger, or grief. Hold on to it so tightly that you feel pain. Now, turn your hand, make a decision to open your fingers, and let the pen drop to the floor. It can be that easy to let go of our suffering around an issue.

“There’s nothing we need to do to be who we really are,” says Dwoskin, and the Sedona Method can make it possible for us to really believe this.

The DVD comes with instructions for forming local support groups, and a website offers free membership in a worldwide support and coaching community. Go to LettingGo.tv/community to register.

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