Kundalini Yoga

reviewed by Kristine Morris

The Body Electric All-in-One Workout

Ana Brett and Ravi Singh

Kundalini Yoga“In all our years of training in various yoga, fitness, and self-help modalities, we have yet to find a system as comprehensive, powerful, immediate, and accessible as Kundalini yoga,” say internationally renowned instructors Ana Brett and Ravi Singh. Between them, the two instructors have 40 years of teaching experience, with clients that include olympic athletes, celebrities, and everyday people from all walks of life. Their many books and DVDs are studied worldwide, and they have trained more than 300 practicing Kundalini yoga teachers.

Brett and singh teach a system of exercise and meditation designed to integrate body, mind, and spirit to help people live healthy, happy, and more peaceful lives. They also believe in challenging their students to grow by making consistent and dramatic breakthroughs. The flowing workout on The Body Electric All-in-One Workout features techniques designed to develop core power, cardiovascular health, and a strong nervous system; it also teaches techniques for handling stress. The insert included with the DVD offers explanations of the essential terms and techniques, some suggestions to help you get the most out of your workout, and a “design-your-own-workout Matrix menu option” to meet individual practitioners’ needs.

Brett and singh encourage the “something is better than nothing” approach, and encourage daily, if brief, practice. “This DVD has been conveniently chaptered to help people, like most of us, who have more responsibilities than time,” they say. “You can depend on this work to give you more energy, help you sleep more deeply, make better decisions in your life, achieve radiant health, and expand your range of possibilities.”

Accessible to beginners and more experienced practitioners alike, and with a background of groovy and soul-satisfying yoga music, The Body Electric All-in-One Workout can form the basis for a lifelong Kundalini yoga practice.

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