Embrace the Transition

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In a time of change and uncertainty, what can be done to ease the transition?

We are in a time of undeniable change, transition, and uncertainty. We are collectively asking the same questions: When will this transition be over? What’s next? How will I withstand the changes that I am not ready for? Who will I be when this is over? When we are in the midst of change, our power lies in learning to remain present. Within each moment of transition there is a drop of infinity, a moment of magic that exists between creation and re-creation. What we do during the transition is everything. One of the most potent gifts that we can offer ourselves is to dedicate ourselves to dharmic practices that empower us to live in a way that helps us to reclaim our truth and power. Here are my eight go-to practices in times of uncertainty to stay grounded, balanced, and gain clarity and peace. If done consistently, these practices have the power of transformation. 1. Reframing your concept of rest is a gift in these times. Think of rest as part of your spiritual practice. Allow it to become a ritual that you carve out time for every day and that you approach with an essence of devotion and reve …

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Tracee Stanley is a noted and lineaged teacher of yoga nidra, meditation, and self-inquiry. Her practices are inspired by the...

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