Book Review: Know Justice, Know Peace

by Deborah Threadgill Egerton, PhDHAY HOUSE
reviewed by Rochelle Bourgault
Know Justice Know Peace

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For decades, Deborah Threadgill Egerton has used the Enneagram, a well-known psychological assessment tool, to improve workplace dynamics. In Know Justice, Know Peace, her first book, she’s leveled up by using personality typing to give people clarity about how they can best tackle the messy but essential work of fighting for social justice.

Egerton believes that the more you know yourself, the better your relationships will be. And what is society but a web of relationships? It is at this juncture that the book springs into its mission.

Beyond being a guide to the Enneagram, it is a call to action to IDEA work (inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism)—the essence of intersectionality. This book gives readers a fluency in identifying the nine personality types (or points on the Enneagram wheel). The teachings have a metabolism of their own.

Egerton never relies on lists of ideal traits; she is more granular and real. We learn what people of each personality type look like and behave like when they are engaged in behaviors such as active othering, passive othering, and advocacy. Turns out that every Enneagram point has a clear path to successfully dismantling toxic behaviors and institutions (but watch out for personality-driven pitfalls along the way).

Egerton’s message is bold, insistent, persuasive, and insightful. It leaps beyond politics and media messaging and into the flame of human nature itself. Know Justice, Know Peace is a rallying cry, a firm but warm invitation, and a plea against apathy.

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