Book Review: The Sharing Journal

by Alexa Grace Simmons
reviewed by Maria Okorn
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Engaging in authentic, open, honest dialogue while in a committed relationship might not be a common occurrence. While partners may speak to each other daily, discussions that communicate their goals, desires, anxieties, and memories may occur much less frequently. Facilitating such candid communication, The Sharing Journal by Alexa Grace Simmons incites partners to find new understandings and appreciation for each other. Through a series of prompts ranging from the lighthearted to the significant, the book serves as a starting point for profound and sincere conversations.

Thinking deeply about the answers to the prompts causes each individual working with the journal to take an introspective look at themselves and how they view their relationship. Honestly considering the discussion starters encourages individual awareness as well as responsiveness to one’s partner. The more serious conversation starters focus on aspects of relationships that some may be reluctant to discuss, but bringing them to light might encourage positive change in their daily interactions. Partners are encouraged to work through the prompts in any way they choose: they might read each other’s answers simultaneously or share them through dialogue. The open-ended nature and the format of the book provides the autonomy to make it a truly intimate experience.  

The Sharing Journal fosters a constructive, beneficial experience that allows anyone involved in a committed relationship to be truly open in their communication with each other. By keeping an open mind and heart and truly listening to their partner’s responses, couples can rediscover themselves and each other, revitalizing their discussions and their relationships.

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