The Spiritual Girl's Guide to Dating

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The Spiritual Girl's Guide to Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love, Sex and Soul Mates

By Amy Leigh Mercree

“Sacredness is the new sexual revolution,” says Amy Leigh Mercree. “It is a new paradigm, available for your conscious choosing.” Mercree speaks to all who may feel alone in looking for something more meaningful and soul-honoring than frantic speed dating or doing random searches for other lonely folks online, and her words are comforting, encouraging, hopeful, and wise: “There are many spiritual people of all genders and orientations out there who are looking for something more, something honoring and sacred,” she says. “These people will find each other. And their numbers will grow.”

Mercree’s soulful, practical, honest, and experiential guide to finding those spiritual people, through dating with your “third eye” wide open, charts the path for a real-life journey to whole, healthy, and satisfying relationships, no matter what your age, background, or sexual orientation. It offers a much-needed look at why nothing less than “spiritual dating,” as a conscious, empowered human being, will honor both your humanity and your spirituality. The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating, although dedicated to women, isn’t just for them. Men will get just as much out of it because the journey to becoming a spiritual dater is the same for everyone: healing past hurts; opening the heart; setting the intention for and manifesting your ideal dates; and keeping the third eye (your intuition) open every step of the way — these are skills everyone can use to attract (and be) the ideal date.

“As a medical intuitive and conscious dating coach for more than 10 years, I have seen many women and men struggle with dating in alignment with their hearts,” says Mercree. “I have witnessed the emotional and physical ailments associated with not honoring ourselves in our dating lives.” Amy Leigh Mercree knows her system works — it led her to the man she calls her “wonderful, amazing, magical husband,” and it’s also worked its magic for her clients, whose stories are included in the book. “I have faith that you will find your true love in the perfect way at the perfect time. If you are ever short on that faith, borrow a little of mine,” she says. “Because mine is boundless. I really believe that there is a wonderful true love match out there for all of us, you included.”

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