Podcast: Therapist Maci Daye, Specialist in Hakomi Therapy and Sex Therapy

Podcast: Therapist Maci Daye, Specialist in Hakomi Therapy and Sex Therapy

Mindfulness can help us discover our pure erotic potential, says therapist Maci Daye, regardless of sexual identity, gender identity, age, and physicality.

This episodes guest is Maci Daye. Daye is a licensed professional counselor, a certified Hakomi therapist, and certified sex therapist. She has been in private practice since 2001 and in addition to her clinical practice, she is the creator of Passion and Presence couples. She has led courses in the USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

In our interview with her about her new book, Passion & Presence: An Awakened Couples Guide to Mindful Sex, we talked about how Daye uses her methods to get couples back on what she calls the “naked path.” They move past judgment, shame, and disconnect, and find ways to reclaim their erotic natures within the context of their sometimes decades-long coupledom.

In this conversation, Rabbi Rami asks Daye to explain Hakomi therapy and some of the concepts behind it. They also talk about how mindfulness and tuning into the body can be used to unleash erotic potential for couples and individuals. “See what is possible outside of our limiting habits,” she suggests, “...Eros shapeshifts from one moment to the next.”

Listen to the podcast to find out more about the link between spirituality and sexuality.

Click here for more on Daye, her practice, and her book, Passion & Presence.

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