Podcast: Ken Honda

Podcast: Ken Honda

Rabbi Rami speaks with Ken Honda, Japan’s No. 1 best-selling personal development expert. His newest book, Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money, shares how gratitude opens up bounty.

It’s not about how much you spend or how much you save, Ken posits. It’s how you feel about your money. Ken talks about money as happy or unhappy.

In the flow of happy money, you are doing work with a sense of joy, and when you are paid, you feel appreciated. When you go to spend that money, you also feel appreciated. That gratitude spills over into all of your life, he says, and you will enjoy better relationships with friends, family and coworkers. In contrast, if you feel frustrated by your work and frustrated by how much you are paid, you will feel that same frustration and irritation when you spend the money.

Experiment with the concept of “Arigato in, arigato out,” he suggests. Say thank you to the money when the money comes in, and say thank you to the cash or credit card when you let go of it to pay for something. It will create a shift in you, whether you are paying bills or taxes.

In his book, he shares “how to treat money as a welcome guest, allowing it to come and go with respect and without resentment; understand and improve your money EQ; unpack the myth of scarcity; and embrace the process of giving money, not just receiving it,” reports his publisher, Simon & Schuster.

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