Calming Chronic Pain With Beth Darnell, PhD

Calming Chronic Pain With Beth Darnell, PhD

Beth Darnall talks to Rami about making life adjustments to manage chronic pain.

Rabbi Rami talks with Beth Darnall, PhD about figuring out unmet needs to understand chronic pain, suffering, and the use of mindfulness meditation. Her article The Tao of Chronic Pain appears in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Spirituality & Health magazine.

Beth Darnall, PhD is Clinical Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford University. She is the author of The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit and Less Pain, Fewer Pills: Avoid the dangers of prescription opioids and gain control over chronic pain, and the forthcoming book from the American Psychological Association Press entitled Psychological Treatment for Chronic Pain: The Evidence-Based Basics. In 2015 she received a presidential commendation from the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Her work has been featured by multiple media outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle, New York Magazine, MORE Magazine, Forbes, Scientific American, The Washington Post and TIME Magazine.

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