Podcast: Rev. Wendy Van Allen, Relighting the Cauldron

Podcast: Rev. Wendy Van Allen, Relighting the Cauldron

How do we find spirituality in nature, and what has extinguished our connection to the Earth? Rev. Wendy Van Allen explains how humanity has related to nature in the past, and what we can do to save our future.

Rev. Wendy Van Allen is an ordained interspiritual minister and counselor through One Spirit Learning Alliance and Outreach Ministries in New York, NY. As a Priestess of both the Afro-Caribbean Lukumi and Wiccan traditions, she is a longtime practitioner of Nature Spirituality. She is also a practicing Spiritist and a trained intuitive consultant through the Holistic Studies Institute, New York, NY. She has a private interspiritual counseling practice and teaching center in New York State, and offers classes and workshops on Nature Spirituality and interspiritual counseling upon request. She is the author of Relighting the Cauldron: Embracing Nature Spirituality for the Modern World.

“There is a strong correlation between the destruction that humankind is bringing about on our Earth with the way we have lost connection to the Earth, to the natural world. A big part of that is we don’t revere the Earth anymore, we no longer see it as holy. It’s a transitional stage we’re going through now, and what comes after matters.”

In this episode, Rev. Wendy and Rabbi Rami talk about relating to our Earth, the origins of humanity, and preparing the next generation.

Read Rabbi Rami's thoughts on this podcast interview here.

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