Astrology Therapy: Can Birth Charts Help You Overcome Anxiety?

Astrology Therapy: Can Birth Charts Help You Overcome Anxiety?

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A chart reading doesn’t predict the future; it describes the user to themselves. The better you understand yourself—the less anxious you feel.

Since the pandemic roared onto the world scene, more people have reportedly been suffering from mental health issues, and anxiety is one of them. According to a recent survey, 46 percent of Gen Z and 41 percent of millennials say they’ve felt stressed all or most of the time.

Simultaneously, interest in astrology has risen. For example, the Astrology and Horoscope app by Yodha has seen a 31 percent monthly increase in questions pertaining to the uncertainty of the future. Can astrology act as a support system and even a therapy tool to address anxiety?

Psychological Astrology

The famous Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung was very interested in astrology. He treated the birth chart, which astrologers use as a diagram to calculate personality traits, as the representation of the psyche and used it to talk about such things as purpose, potential, and self-actualization.

Jung thought that in some cases with difficult psychological diagnoses, the horoscopes could help to bring relief during therapy. He also formed a firm conviction that psychologists should be especially interested in astrology, since psychological experiences could well be reflected in projections.

Let's see how astrology therapy can help in overcoming anxiety.

1. Understanding the reason behind your feelings. Astrology gives you the opportunity to look at a problem from the outside. During unstable times, there is a predisposition to feeling anxious due to outside distress. When we analyze the situation in detail, the anxiety tends to either decrease or go away.

Sometimes people can be negatively influenced by the planets. A professional astrologer might say that the feelings you have are due to the malefic Ketu, which is responsible for negativity. Yodha astrologer Shivaraj Regmi says, “When Sun is placed in either Libra, Aquarius, or Capricorn, ascendant people tend to feel anxious, stressed, and hesitant, and they suffer from lack of self-confidence in general.” It is normal to feel this way, he says, but it’s also important to remember that isn’t the best for making major life decisions “because your fear of failure can cause future issues.”

In such periods it’s better to start a day with affirmation, which changes your way of thoughts and attracts desired events to your life. A good affirmation can be suggested by a professional astrologer based on your birth details and current situation.

2. Gain a better understanding of yourself. In Vedic astrology, there are many factors that influence the horoscope predictions and make them very precise. For example, astrologers use two shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, for the calculations. These planets are very different from the other seven in the solar system. Technically, they are not actual planets, but rather the areas of churned-up energy.

These shadow planets can help to make better predictions in terms of your zodiac sign, karma, illusions, and the meaning of past actions to the future. Keep in mind a chart reading doesn’t predict the future; it describes the user to themselves. The better you understand yourself—the less anxious you feel.

3. Learn to be patient and embrace yourself. Astrology therapy has coaching language that makes it easier for people to hear, or admit, unpleasant things about their personalities. Sometimes it can even help them accept those traits in others.

While many people tend to use their signs to excuse various behavioral tendencies, most astrologers disagree that the sign can excuse them. For example, if your significant other starts to act unusually cold and distant, it doesn't mean that they have someone else. It can be related to the planets influencing his zodiac sign. If your partner is a Cancer, and Mars has entered their sign, then they are most likely to be passive-aggressive. It is important to take this into account and be more patient with that person.

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When Saturn is in Leo or Aries is ascendant, you might feel the desire to argue. In this case, astrologers recommend sticking to a vegetarian diet every Saturday to reduce the negative effects of the planets.

4. Feel hope and reinforcement. A good astrologer can help guide you to focus on your strengths and help you work on your weaknesses. “In the past, Vedic astrology tended to intimidate people,” says Regmi. “We try to highlight strong traits of character and focus on them for achieving goals. It tends to give a person the right incentive to believe in themselves and move forward in their personal lives and careers instead of staying in front of the dead end. Moreover, finding the right gemstone can help you to increase positive energy and reduce negative effects planets may have on you.”

5. Boost self-motivation and personal growth. Astrology can help you find the right coping mechanism to fight anxiety; unique astrological calculations can help you find the right activity, be it yoga, meditation, or something else, that will be your personal escape when anxiety attacks.

Astrology is a great asset for people who are searching for answers and want someone to have their back. It can be as useful as therapy and become a personal guide. The main issue is to find the right professional who will find tools that work for you.

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