Podcast: Don Miguel Ruiz, The Art of Being Energy

Podcast: Don Miguel Ruiz, The Art of Being Energy

Photo by Aaron Landman

How do we break through the fog of illusion and realize our true nature? Beloved author and teacher don Miguel Ruiz explains.

Don Miguel Ruiz is a renowned Nahuatl teacher with millions of followers worldwide. Born into a family of healers and raised in Mexico by a healer mother and Nahuatl grandfather in the Toltec tradition, don Miguel is the author of the classic The Four Agreements, The Fifth Agreement, and many other books. His newest book, written with Barbara Emrys, is Grief and Renewal: Finding Beauty and Balance in Loss.

You can read an extended transcript of this podcast in the January/February 2024 issue of Spirituality+Health Magazine.

In this episode, don Miguel and Rabbi Rami discuss the Five Agreements, the nature of energy, and the stories we tell ourselves about our lives.

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