Podcast: Judith Polich, How to Be More Like Trees

Podcast: Judith Polich, How to Be More Like Trees

Is it too late for humanity to turn around and embrace nature? Environmentalist and author Judith Polich shares.

Judith Polich is an environmentalist and wetlands advocate. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Studies and Environmental Education from the University of Wisconsin, and is the author of Return of the Children of Light.

Her newest book, Why Can’t We Be More Like Trees: The Ancient Masters of Cooperation, Kindness, and Healing, is reviewed in the Nov/Dec 2023 issue of Spirituality+Health.

In this episode, Judith and Rabbi Rami talk about the intelligence of nature, the power of psychedelics, and the habit of hugging trees.

Read the essay inspired by this podcast here.

Podcast Judith Polich How to Be More Like Trees

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