Podcast: Dr. E. Elisabet Lahti, The Unsung Beauty of Ordinary Enlightenment

Podcast: Dr. E. Elisabet Lahti, The Unsung Beauty of Ordinary Enlightenment

As we grow older, how can our spirituality and inner power also grow? Dr. E. Elisabet Lahti explains how, and offers the Finnish practice of “sisu” as a way to find personal enlightenment.

Dr. E. Elisabet Lahti is an awarded educator, international speaker, and the founder of Sisu Lab, which helps individuals everywhere think deeply about excellence in how we operate as humans and to tap into our innate capacity for virtuous fortitude.

She's the researcher of "sisu," for which her journey began when she was called to reinvent herself in the aftermath of major trauma, and later attended a master’s program at the University of Pennsylvania to study applied positive psychology. Consequently, she ran and cycled 2400 km across New Zealand in 50 days to study how humans overcome and even grow through extreme challenges.

Her work has been featured at CNBC, BBC, Forbes, Business Insider, and more. Dr. Lahti's book Gentle Power: A Revolution is How We Think, Lead, and Succeed Using the Finnish Art of Sisu, published by Sounds True, is an invitation to foster the constructive and life-expanding side of our inner power and thus, leave a legacy that creates empowerment for everyone.

“In the beginning years of our lives, we tend to be so full of that life force. Slowly, life will begin to give way for us to be diminished and become smaller, and then something else will start to express itself through us.”

In this episode, Dr. Lahti and Rabbi Rami talk about midlife, the Finnish concept of “sisu," and the power of Infinite Aliveness.

Read Rabbi Rami's thoughts on this podcast here.

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