Podcast: Dr. Ken Mogi, The Way of Nagomi

Podcast: Dr. Ken Mogi, The Way of Nagomi

What is nagomi, and how can it help us find harmony in our emotions? Writer and neuroscientist Ken Mogi explains.

Ken Mogi is a neuroscientist, writer, and broadcaster based in Tokyo. He is the author of Awakening Your Ikigai and The Way of Nagomi. He has published more than thirty papers on cognitive science and neuroscience, and over one hundred books in Japan covering popular science, essay, criticism, and self-help. His books have sold close to one million copies.

“You can have a really colorful spectrum of emotions in your life, but you can also put them in a really wonderful, clever, human context if you really try to apply mindfulness to your emotion.”

In this episode, Ken and Rabbi Rami talk about harmony in disagreements, the five pillars of nagomi, and finding purpose in your current moment.

Read Rabbi Rami's thoughts on this discussion here.

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