Podcast: Cheryl Pallant, Healing the World With Ecosomatics

Podcast: Cheryl Pallant, Healing the World With Ecosomatics

What is the division between humanity and the Earth, and how do we heal it? Author and teacher Cheryl Pallant explains the practice of ecosomatics and how we can reconnect with our senses.

Cheryl Pallant is an author, poet, energy healer, somatics coach, teacher, and dancer. She has several published books, most recently the nonfiction work, Ecosomatics: Embodiment Practices for a World in Search of Healing. Her book on contact improvisation, Contact Improvisation: An Introduction to a Vitalizing Dance Form, is considered the go-to book on the topic. She is a regular contributor for Spirituality+Health Magazine, facilitates Writing From the Body workshops internationally, teaches at University of Richmond, and co-leads the Integral Meditation group in Richmond VA.

“Once you really start connecting into your body, you do find that a great diversity of experiences are available. And yet, our conditioning is to get away from the body and the Earth body.”

In this episode, Cheryl and Rabbi Rami talk about the Earth body, consciousness, and extraordinary senses.

Read Rabbi Rami's thoughts on this podcast here.

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