Podcast: Adrienne van der Valk, Mindfulness Over Merlot

Podcast: Adrienne van der Valk, Mindfulness Over Merlot

Photo courtesy of Adrienne van der Valk

Explore how mindfulness practices can support recovery from substance use disorder with meditation teacher and writer Adrienne van der Valk.

Adrienne van der Valk is a writer, podcaster, certified meditation and yoga teacher, recovery mentor, co-founder of REVA Recovery Support, and co-host of The Hangover Liberation Society podcast.

In her work as a trauma-informed recovery mentor, Adrienne teaches meditation and movement techniques to help her students align their minds and bodies with their vision for their sober lives. She draws on her background in social work and education as well as her personal journey with alcohol use disorder and years of research on the neuroscience of addiction to create her groundbreaking mentorship curriculum.

As an anti-racist feminist, she also speaks, writes, and teaches about the social and political roots of addiction. Adrienne’s work has been featured on the Messages & Methods and Not Your Little Lady podcasts, as well as Shout Out Atlanta, Real Food Whole Life, The Sober Curator, and Spirituality & Health. Download a free chapter from her forthcoming book Big Sober Energy at

You can read her essay “Mindfulness Over Merlot" here.

“When I think about the difference between meditation and mindfulness, I see meditation as the practice and mindfulness as…the way of being. And the practice really supports the way of being.”

In this episode, Adrienne and Rabbi Rami discuss sobriety, substance use disorder, and the power of mindfulness.

Read Rabbi Rami's thoughts in this interview here.

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