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2019 March/April

I have a fatal illness. A shamanic cure would bankrupt me. My kids are more concerned with their inheritance.

I have a fatal illness. Western medicine has failed me, and God is not listening to my prayers. I heard about a shamanic cure, but the cost will bankrupt me. My kids are against it, but I worry they are more concerned with their inheritance than my health. What should I do?

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Berkeley, California

If your disease is cancer, there are many alternative approaches. Go to: and These 2 sites have very inspiring treatments and they both have have a book about it. All the best to you.

Being a 3 time cancer survivor and constant seeker of information on how to prevent and cure cancer holistically, I am always deeply offended by the people who claim to have the answer and then, Leo and behold, want to charge me for that information. I would advise you to ask yourself why if someone truly has a cure how, in the name of all that is holy and good, can they charge money, often times an outrageous amount?

Beacon, New York

First, I am so sorry to hear of your situation.. certainly no one can fully understand your position unless they have been in it. Your question grabbed me when I read your words, 'God is not listening to my prayers'. I felt compelled to comment to hopefully offer words to reframe your thinking and feeling. Perhaps your illness IS God's way of answering your prayers. Perhaps you are still so focused on creating, sustaining and controlling outcomes , that you are not able to see God's work as it's being done. (which is OFTEN not in the way we would construct for ourselves. ) God, Higher Power, The Universe, or whatever you want to name it, has the entire cosmos' in It's best interest. Money is a human concept, and you are seeming to hope to use IT to help you prolong your life- which is not in your Human hands' control, but in the Universe's (God's ) hands. See this circumstance as something MUCH larger than yourself, and TRUST in the outcome that best serves the WHOLE. With this mindset, you offer the possibility of seeing such a deep wealth of Love, Life, healing and gratitude that you never expected. Perhaps also, your children are looking out for your best interest in not having you spend so much money for a POSSIBLE (not guaranteed) cure so that you have some level of financial support for however long you DO have left! <3