Learning From Grief as a Spiritual Practice

Learning From Grief as a Spiritual Practice

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What happens when the love of your life dies after a quarter of a century of an ever-growing, ever-expanding, ever-changing life together?

Instead of plunging into the big black hole everybody talks about, Cathérine Denys experienced something totally unexpected that showed her how to live with the grief. In this poignant narrative, a woman explores a conscious way of grieving the death of a loved one while sharing wisdom and practical tips to help anyone on the same journey.

“In between bouts of grief and sadness, I felt catapulted into a massive spiritual expansion, an energetic vortex where I felt one with everything and everyone. I saw things clearly. Everything somehow felt right, whereas, when the sadness hit, nothing felt right. Then there would be expansion again through the light, and back and forth like that. I was tossed between the feeling of being totally lost, sobbing my heart out, and the feeling that all was well, and all is well, and all manner of things will be well.

This state of incredible expansiveness felt like a parting gift from my beloved. After Robert had his near-death experience, sometimes referred to as an NDE, I told him that if all was bliss on the other side, then I as the surviving partner had caught the shortest end of the straw. Yet here I was, still on this earthly plane and experiencing my own kind of bliss when not succumbing to grief. This gift was wonderfully helpful. In retrospect, I see it was not just a gift in itself; it showed me the way to handle grief.”

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Learning From Grief as a Spiritual Practice

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