Thoughts Become Reality: Create the One You Want With Your Chakras

Thoughts Become Reality: Create the One You Want With Your Chakras

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Tuning into our chakras can help us manifest the life we desire more clearly and effectively—learn how.

Many years ago, I was working with a client in San Francisco and felt a heaviness around the communication style accepted by the employees and management. I was there to focus on building out the brand to take it online. I was not there to be an agent of change. But as luck would have it, the universe conspired to provide me with stepping stones to show me a path I needed to take.

The office was located off an alley, and when I opened the door that day, I noticed the entire wall of the building opposite ours had been sprayed with graffiti. In big letters, the words “Thoughts become reality” were staring me in the face.

I brought this to the attention of the CEO, who delighted in the message, seeing this apparition as an opening for a discussion about possibility with her team. I took a photo with my phone, printed the photos out at lunch time, and handed them out at our next meeting. They were pinned up in everyone's cubicles. Awareness is the beginning.

When we realize that our thoughts manifest reality, the next level of this understanding is to hold our positive thoughts longer. The longer we live in the vibration of attracting and receiving, the stronger that energy around us becomes. In this case, practice doesn’t yield perfection—clearly “language-ing” our desires creates what we desire most.

With no attention on what we desire, our thoughts scatter and our inner and outer words and worlds come to us filled with doubt, fear, and bias. So how can we center ourselves—body, mind, and spirit—to get more of what we want? How might our lives play out if we choose different thoughts? What if instead of using our mind to bend matter, we focused on our energy?

The chakras are the perfect reality benders. As we learn about each part of the body and discuss the emotional, physical, and psycho-spiritual aspects of the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras, we establish a vocabulary that holds us harmless, guiltless, and fearless. The body is doing what it does, but it’s driven by how we feel and think. For anyone new to vibrational energy this is an “aha moment.” For those further along this is a re-awakening.

At Adoratherapy, the company we created to elevate conscious beauty with aromatherapy, we use sophisticated AI software to provide aura and chakra readings by scanning your energy. After a reading, we use the insights generated from the report to confirm what is expressed energetically in the moment. This pinpointing of the “mind-body-spirit” with charts and visual information is powerful. It allows the building of a context from which we can then ideate what is really going on within ourselves.

At any time, we have the power and the discipline to change our thoughts. When we follow our thoughts, with no guard rails, it’s as though we have attracted bad data—and the result is “garbage in yields garbage out.” However, if we care to notice, the times when we are manifesting with ease are typically times when we are in flow. In these moments, our acceptance of self, with our desire for whatever it is we are up to, allows us to vibrate with focused attention, creating great power and energy. This is what we call pure thought.

If you ask if this is a persistent state, most everyone would tell you, it requires tremendous commitment to let go of language and thoughts that don’t serve us and choose to vibrate with integrity. I, for one, have been searching for the hack to get this right. I think I have found it. It’s not a secret; it’s just that there are few role models. Pure thought thrives when we adore ourselves. Pure thought is a state of being, not doing. It requires trust and a deep compassion for self. It allows us to imagine ourselves healed, loved, and surrendered. Everything flows from there.

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Thoughts Become Reality Create the One You Want With Your Chakras

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