15 Affirmations for When You Don’t See Eye to Eye With a Family Member

15 Affirmations for When You Don’t See Eye to Eye With a Family Member

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Even if you do not agree on hot-button subjects like politics, you can create a more harmonious interaction with your family using these affirmations.

A friend of mine recently struggled with a hard decision: Whether or not to invite his own parents over for a holiday meal. You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but their political views are so opposite of his and the climate of conversation has grown so toxic in America that he wasn’t sure he could even handle hosting dinner. Ultimately, he decided for the sake of his kids he wanted the grandparents to visit.

When you have strongly opposing views on religion, politics, or other hot-button subjects, it can be challenging to remain calm, even with loved ones. Try these 15 affirmations for when you don’t agree with a family member, and see if it can cool your inflamed psyche down long enough to at least get the mashed potatoes passed around.

  1. I’m thankful we have each other in our lives.
  2. I release any defensiveness and breathe in love.
  3. I am relaxed and comfortable around other viewpoints.
  4. I radiate a calm, peaceful vibe, filling this room like a big balloon with joy.
  5. Others can be who they are. I love who I am.
  6. In the past, this would have all stressed me out, but now, I relax.
  7. All my muscles are unwinding and I let go of tension.
  8. I release judgment and anger.
  9. I can respectfully take a break if I need one.
  10. I release the need to convert anyone to my opinions.
  11. Right now, I choose to respond with love.
  12. Peace and harmony are flowing through me.
  13. I choose not to waste time on negative emotions with this beloved person.
  14. My heartspace is so huge, there is room for both of us in here.
  15. I am cultivating peaceful energy in the world.

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