Conscious Channeling

Conscious Channeling


Did you know spiritual beings can readily deliver their messages to deeply embodied, clear, conscious channels?

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Years ago, I discovered that many people who channel have no idea of the technique or process they use to access guidance and information.

That wouldn’t be the way you’d choose a plumber to replace pipes in your bathroom! You’re not likely to hire the individual who says, “I don’t actually know how to plumb, I just do it.”

Many unconscious channels also believe they are channeling lofty guides such as Archangels, the Christ energy, God and other significant deities, such as Buddha, Ganesh and Lakshmi.

A fine art appraiser spends years training and refining the ability to confirm the authenticity of artists and their creations, and to spot a forged piece from a signed original.

How does an untrained channel distinguish between the energy of an authentic, high-level guide versus a ‘thoughtform’?

Guides vs. Thoughtforms

First, let’s define ‘thoughtform.’ It’s a construct that we buy into and energize through collective agreement.

For example, we buy into the idea that Archangel Michael carries a sword and shield, protects against Satan, and assists people as they cross from life to death. This collective agreement comes to us through Catholicism, as well as through New Age/spiritual circles.

If you are in a difficult experience where there’s potential for something ‘evil’ to occur, you may find a well-meaning, unconscious channel ‘bringing through’ Archangel Michael and his sword for protection. But how does he or she know it’s really Michael and not the thoughtform?

High-Level Beings Meet on a Higher Plane

Why would a high-level spiritual being decrease its vibration to enter a dense, physical body to communicate a message? It can readily deliver its message to a deeply embodied, clear, conscious channel capable of holding and accessing higher vibrations!

As a consumer, seek out channels that can describe the channeling process to you in detail. Listen for whether or not the being ‘comes through’ the channels’ body. If it does, it’s an unconscious, unregulated process.

As a practitioner, learn to channel consciously. Know that you’ll possibly ‘go dark’ for a while as you reorganize your energy and upgrade your guidance to beings who have no interest in communicating their messages by entering your physical body.

What to look for

When you are considering working with a channel, here are some indicators to help you discern whether he or she is consciously or unconsciously channeling.

  1. Watch for a trite or superficial quality to the information that comes through an unconscious channel. Sometimes it’s common sense, dressed in spiritual language.
  2. Contemplate the degree of grounding, organization, competency and capability of the channel in his or her ordinary life. There’s a common misperception that if a channel’s life is a mess, it’s because they’re living in the spiritual realm, perfectly poised to deliver insight to those struggling on the more earthly planes. This is not so. Truthfully, the further into your body you can ground, the further out of your body you can go.
  3. Notice fatigue. There’s an alarming correlation between unconscious channeling and depletion, fatigue and even auto-immune disorders. Here’s why...

Re-Entry: A Jolt to the System

Untrained channels conceivably do real harm to their bodies. Leaving the body is a simple process; open the crown chakra and conscious awareness dissipates. Another being slips into the body and drives the bus.

As awareness returns to the body, the adrenals receive a powerful jolt from the impact of re-entry. Hence, why some channels are prone toward depletion and fatigue.

And therein lies the rub. When the channel leaves the body to allow the guide or being to come through, their ability to discern who or what is taking their place leaves with them!

Conscious Channeling

Channeling can be a beautiful resource for spiritual insight and evolution. But like plumbers and fine art appraisers, training, practice and mastery are key to competency.

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