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A Purr for Help: How A Rescued Cat Opened My Heart

Nearly broke and pessimistic about the world, journalist Jane Ganahl heart and mind were opened by one abandoned cat.

Illustration: Ellen Rooney

I glance at my watch quickly, at the risk of spilling some of the Sancerre in my glass. It’s almost 10 p.m., and I’m doing the sleep-math in my head. If I go to bed by 11, I’ll get only seven hours before I have to wake up and prepare the traps. Oberon, Ariel and Puck will be waiting for me on the sidewalk as they have these last two months since emerging, blinking tiny eyes, from the depths of the garbage-filled ravine where they were born, seeking their daily meal. They trust me now, and it’s time... “Jane rescues cats! Don’t you, Jane?” My friend Ellen raises her martini glass in my direction with a smile, and the mention of my name snaps me back to the present. She is an author of some renown, and we are surrounded by other A-listers at a San Francisco fundraiser for the literary festival I produce. Armistead smiles and the corners of his eyes crinkle with mischief. “You’re too young and hip to be a crazy cat lady!” he quips.The others laugh, but I feel a flush of embarrassment. “Not just yet,” I reply with a wry smile. “But that time is coming, and soon. When you see me showing up at these thing …

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