12 Tools for Detox

12 Tools for Detox


Learn how to connect breath, movement, and intention to release toxins with the DVD Qigong for Detox. ($14.98)


Apply Detox Spray to the soles of your feet—the purifying botanicals stimulate acupressure points to cleanse your whole system. ($14.40 for 2 ounces)


For inspiration in the kitchen, the Everyday Raw Detox App brings raw, vegan recipes to your fingertips. ($2.50)


Drink your fruits and vegetables with The Complete Book of Juicing ($9.48)


The Chi Machine gently stimulates your circulation to improve lymph function. ($189)


Keep chlorine out of your bathwater with the Splish Splash Bath Filter. ($39.99)

Latherlovesoap 0

These Lather & Love detox soaps use ingredients like neem, diatomaceous earth, and bamboo-activated charcoal to draw impurities from the skin. ($8)

Brush 0

Open your pores to better release toxins with a Hydrea London Body Brush ($14)


Developed by Dr. Mark Hyman, The Detox Box is a step-by-step guide and toolkit to starting a detox program at home. ($24.95)


BB Detox Tea blends potent dandelion, green tea, and maté, with balancing rooibos and grapefruit. ($19.50)


The sea salt blend of Juniper Berry and Herbs Spa Soak purifies the body and soothes sore muscles. ($21.99)


A favorite flavoring in curries, turmeric is also renowned as a liver detoxifier. ($3.40 for a 2-ounce bottle)

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