5 Ways to Use Sound for Energy Clearing

5 Ways to Use Sound for Energy Clearing


Different sounds are powerful tools to clear and transform energy.

Many people can walk into a room and instantly pick up on the energy in that room. There can be negative energy left from a disturbing experience, or the energy could be stuck and stagnant.

There are various ways that energy can be cleared and transformed, including smudging and the use of crystals.

Another way to clear energy is to use sound. Rodika Tchi, author of The Healing Power of Smudging offers these tips on using sound as a useful tool for clearing energy:

  • Recorded music. Include powerful music in your smudging ceremony with the windows open. Tchi writes, “the music has to be fairly loud, and it has to be powerful and meaningful to you.” She clarifies that the music can either be instrumental, or include words that resonate with your intention for the room.
  • Singing bowls. Tibetan, or singing bowls, are a powerful tool for clearing. “The sound of the singing bowl has the ability to bring everything back to a center of stillness.” Take time when shopping for a singing bowl to listen to the sound and notice how your energy responds to it.
  • Drumming. The power of drumming has been known and practiced since ancient times. There is a primordial power to the rhythm of drumming and “it has the ability to clear and balance all the misaligned energies in any given space. It is the sound of a universal heartbeat that aligns everything with its heart power.”
  • Clapping. Bringing your palms together is a way of aligning and clearing energy. Clapping the hands is a way to clear stuck or stagnant energy. Tchi recommends using this technique especiallly in the corners a room, where stuck energy can accumulate. Begin clapping close to the floor, and work your way up toward the ceiling.
  • Your voice. We all have great power when we use our voice. Tchi writes, “the topic of the sound of your voice is a very complex one. It starts with the resonance of your coie and goes all the way to your ability to speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in.” She suggests experimenting with this process in a room where you won’t be disturbed. “Try any sounds that come to you when you intend to clear the energy in a specific room.” You might use words or phrases, or you may work with tones and different sounds.

You can incorporate these sound practices with your smudging practice, or use them on their own. Recognize the power that sound has in your space, and play with including it in your clearing rituals.

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