Awakening From Suffering

Awakening From Suffering

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Discover your soul's true purpose as your life takes on a deeper meaning. Realize that our collective purpose is to share our love and that this is the true meaning of life.

Awakening from suffering is a common theme in the storybook of humanity. Since the dawn of mankind, humans have looked to the heavens and cried out, “Why the suffering?” In a desperate plea to alleviate the suffering, people have fallen to their knees, praying to a higher source in an act of surrender. Longing for guidance from above, many are blessed with miraculous healing and aligned with their soul’s mission.

The scenario of “awakening from suffering” I just described represents my own personal experience, as well as a common theme for the collective human experience. At the time, I found myself robotically going through the motions of pursuing the American dream. From an outer appearance, I was living the dream of corporate success and financial prosperity, but inwardly, it felt more like a nightmare. I was miserable and suffering from both emotional and physical distress. I was trapped in a life that felt meaningless and shallow.

One day, I actually said out loud, “There has to be more meaning and purpose to life than this, and if there isn't, I'm out of here!” Moments later, the phone rang. It was my parents inviting me to their vacation home in the desert of Southern California. I knew I had literally been saved by the bell. While in the desert, I felt compelled to run to the top of a mountain where I had a divine intervention that spontaneously healed me and aligned me with my soul’s mission.

The point of me sharing my story of “awakening from suffering” is to inspire others who may be suffering or who may feel misaligned to surrender, to pray, and ask for guidance. Everyone’s awakening experience looks different. It may be sudden or it may be more gradual. They may seek guidance from a higher source or a local source. Either way, the truth is that once one makes a conscious choice to seek a higher way of living and being, more aligned with their higher self, the awakening journey begins. Freed from the limitations of societal expectations, one can express their authentic self and align with their soul’s mission. This can bring such happiness and fulfillment that their suffering is replaced by vitality and an enthusiasm for life.

After my experience on the mountaintop, I felt so liberated and limitless, so loved and supported, so aligned with my higher self and a higher source. I was inspired to step onto a spiritual path and learn everything I could about spirituality, health, and wellness. That was over 25 years ago and I have since dedicated my life to healing, inspiring, and empowering others through my books, videos, services, and retreats.

Now I am living my dream, not someone else's. One of my soul's passions is to create spiritual retreats where like-minded people seeking a higher way can come together and be inspired, empowered, and enlightened by spiritual teachers. During my three-day retreats, I want the attendees to be filled with a sense of belonging. I want them to feel supported by the teachers and each other. I want them to be transformed by the teachings offered onstage and in interactive workshops. I want them to experience the transformational power of the Sedona Vortex while engaging in meditations in the Red Rocks.

I am extending a personal invitation for you to join me in Sedona for my 2024 Sedona Ascension Retreat taking place March 8-10. Come and experience a sense of unity amongst the spiritual community inspired by our love for one another. Discover your soul's true purpose as your life takes on a deeper meaning. Realize that our collective purpose is to share our love and that this is the true meaning of life. For more info and to register, please visit: or view the 2024 program guide here.

Awakening From Suffering

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