Reverse Aging Now with Glutathione

Reverse Aging Now with Glutathione


Glutathione may be necessary for anti-aging, cancer prevention, heart disease, dementia, general disease prevention, and optimal health.

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Glutathione is a potent antioxidant. It protects your health and your looks! Scientific studies on oxidative stress and glutathione reveal its positive impact on aging and disease prevention. Glutathione is produced naturally in the liver and is in fruits, vegetables, and meats. I consider it necessary for anti-aging, cancer prevention, heart disease, dementia, general disease prevention, and optimal health. Pollution, radiation, trauma, toxins, and medications impact the production of glutathione, we, therefore, can’t get enough from diet alone.

Here are some ways in which glutathione supports your health and aging process:

  • Supports liver, kidneys, and intestine function-reduces harmful toxins, oxidative stress and the effects of aging.
  • Prevents oxidative stress-induced disease (inflammatory process)
  • It regenerates antioxidants such as vitamin C and E.
  • Supports immune function, especially white blood cells and T-cell Lymphocytes, which are necessary to avoid cancers and autoimmune disease.
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Supports recovery from exercise by reducing the effects of oxidative stress that occurs after endurance sports or workouts lasting longer than 1 hour.
  • Might help rid gray hair.
  • Improves your skin (anti-wrinkles from the inside out)

One way to increase your glutathione levels naturally is to eat more foods rich in sulfur such as garlic, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, kale, collards, and watercress. Exercise increases glutathione levels while also increasing detoxification. About a third of all people are missing the essential genes that support healthy detoxification and glutathione production. Genetic testing will reveal if you are one of those people and if so you can begin taking glutathione in a supplement form. Supplementation can help everyone recycle glutathione and better utilize it in the body.

The best source of glutathione is via an IV push--an injection into the vein performed by a skilled naturopath. I highly recommend this form of delivery, especially at the beginning of a gut repair protocol. It creates faster absorption and antioxidant support as well as avoids any digestive challenges. The second-best source is liposomal form, which helps its absorption into the body. It is a liquid that you hold under your tongue for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. The small molecules of a liposomal delivery supplement allow it to penetrate your cells, so the nutrient gets inside.

Add more sulfur-rich foods to your diet and consider using liposomal glutathione. It’s one of the best ways to think, look and feel younger and healthier.

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