So what's it really like to be a laughter yogi?

So what’s it really like to be a laughter yogi? Why do people need laughter therapy?Laughter is a sort of safety valve. If you have a good bout of laughter, you put your worries and your problems and your depression on the back burner; you’ve forgotten all about it and walked into a state of sunshine.What is a typical session like?It’s so tempting to give a speech, but that’s a bit boring. So my style is to jump right into the laughter. Some people are pretty puzzled, but they see everybody laughing, guffawing, and within a couple of minutes we have achieved that state of laughter. The laughter part of the session is typically about a half hour, with eye contact and interaction, and then we have about five minutes of laughter meditation, where people close their eyes and let the laughter flow from within. And after that we have an optional session of 45 minutes where people talk about their experience.How do you get people to laugh if they don’t feel like it?We don’t do jokes, we don’t do comedy, we don’t do tickling, and of course we don’t do alcohol. So we don’t insist that you laugh with your mind an …

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