Feng Shui to Attract Love and Magnetize Pleasure

Feng Shui to Attract Love and Magnetize Pleasure


Get your cosmic vacuum ready and begin to magnetize your desires.

Terah Kathryn Collins, founder of the Western School of Feng Shui and author of many books, including The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance, describes feng shui as the study of arranging your environment to enhance your life in a way that brings more happiness.

“It’s born out of the elegant dance between your inner and outer worlds, a dance that unites your heart and home in an intimate partnership that causes all heaven to break loose in your life,” says Collins. “You treat yourself with the same tender-loving kindness that you would a lover.”

So how do you get started honoring yourself and building a home that is love and pleasure friendly? Here are some of the practical and spiritual tips I have discovered in my own 10 years of feng shui study.

Identify and Remove Sensuality Blockers

Get your cosmic vacuum ready! Take some time to reflect, release, and go through your closets, your drawers, your thoughts, and your life—not to mention your memorabilia, photos, diaries, and old letters. Also, identify things in your home that will deter love and pleasure from knocking at your door.

Here are some common sensuality blockers:

  • Artwork of solitary people and any sad images. Remove if you want to enhance self-love and self-empowerment or attract others.
  • Things standing alone. One night table. One lamp. A dinner table with one chair.
  • Clutter or stuff that is blocking doorways, stacked in corners, or impeding your ability to walk around your home.
  • Things that are broken. Fix anything that is valuable or donate it, and remove anything you can do without.
  • Photos of former lovers or friends, or bad experiences. Limit exposure to anything that vexes the spirit or that makes you feel sad, hopeless, or underserving.

The idea is not to force yourself to part with things you love but to remove, pack away, or reassign anything that tethers you to negative, unloving, and non-pleasurable aspects of the past.

Make cleaning up an enjoyable and sacred experience. Play music, pray, dance, sing, move around, and try to have fun.

Clarify Desires and Goals

Ultimately, you want your physical space to reinforce your love goals. Once you are clear about what you truly want, you can use that information to guide feng shui adjustments or additions to your home.

  • Create a “love list” of relationship goals: If you are seeking a new love, list the qualities you seek in a mate and the love relationship you hope to share with someone. If you are in a relationship, list some of the things you would love to experience with your mate.
  • Create a pleasure list. What gives you joy? What feeds your soul? What enhances your sensuality? List the things you chose to draw into your life. This can include wild sensuality and slow dancing with a mate or sensual pursuits of your own.
  • Create a self-love list. What makes you feel loved? Which activities and experiences bring you joy, pleasure, and a sense of empowerment? It could be treating yourself to a warm bath in rose petals, taking yourself out on a date to a museum, or cooking a delicious, healthy meal.

Add in any other list that is important to you and begin to contemplate ways to bring some of these ideas to life through objects in your home, such as art, statues, a new bed, or items that represent the life you want to be living.

Get to Know the Bagua

One of the most fundamental aspects of feng shui is the use of a “bagua.” It is either an octagon or a square, each with eight segments and a center.

The bagua is used to define and delineate different areas in a home or room that reflect distinct parts of a person’s life: Career and Lifepath; Wisdom and Knowledge; Health and Family; Wealth and Prosperity; Fame and Reputation; Love and Partnership; Creativity and Children; and, finally, Helpful People and Travel. The center area represents balance.

These are considered “guas” or energy centers that can be cleared and activated to enhance the related areas in your life. Feng shui considers that all things have a life force (“chi”) and seeks to allow that energy to flow as freely as possible.

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The entrance of the bagua is typically a door that opens into a home through one of three areas: Wisdom and Knowledge, Career and Lifepath, or Helpful People and Travel.

Each is represented by distinct colors. For example, red represents the fire element, yellow represents earth, white represents metal, black or dark blue represents water, and green represents wood.

When practicing feng shui for love and pleasure, it is important to energize all areas of your environment. The ultimate goal is healing, wholeness, and balance in all areas of life. However, to magnetize a new love, deeper love, self-love, and more pleasure, you will want to focus on the area that represents love and partnership.

Activate Your Love Corner

You will find the “love gua” or “love corner” in the far-right corner of your home. In her form classes, Collins teaches that the north and south poles are reversed, with north at the entrance of a home and south at the back of a home. So the love gua can also be found in the southwest corner of your home (and in the southwest corner of every room in the house).

You can use that area to honor yourself, your current relationship, or the soulmate you wish to invite in. To fully honor your goals for love and pleasure, it is important to remove anything that is not love and pleasure. This includes sensuality blockers like clutter, garbage buckets, or art that does not represent your desired result.

This area is represented by the colors pink, in all hues, and white, but you can also use a splash of red for passion. The elements represented are earth and fire, so sexy ceramic statues or candles can be used to invoke sensual love. A favorite shape here is hearts, but make sure you always include two hearts (and two of everything).

Crystals are used as a feng shui enhancement. In the love corner, you can hang two crystals from the ceiling to stimulate the energy of love and chi for two. Everything in this area should be selected and placed with the sacred intention of magnetizing your desires. It is important to use items you can relate to and that warm your heart and your sensual soul.

Feng Shui Pleasure and Love Enhancers

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what you want in your love corner. The more you activate all your senses, the better!

  • Select artwork that reflects the love you desire. Select sexy, romantic, meaningful images and photos of a few couples you relate to. These should be new, unless you want to add the image of ancestors who had the relationship you truly admire.
  • Purchase a brand-new ceramic statue of a romantic couple to stimulate the energy of long-term commitment.
  • Nestle a pair of rose quartz hearts into beautiful pink satin or lace on a shelf or hang from the corner ceiling.
  • Fill one beautiful vase with two red roses or pink flowers—fresh or silk is fine.
  • For an existing relationship, pep things up by adding an altar that celebrates your love with images that remind you of all the pleasure you have shared.

Love Yourself

In the end, designing your living space according to feng shui is about self-care, self-love, and knowing you deserve to have beauty and joy in your life.

Terah Kathryn Collins, who has helped thousands of people change their lives through feng shui, calls it an “internal love affair” that can help you also give loving attention to your lifestyle and environment, making your home the vehicle for attracting good things.

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Feng shui to attract love and magnetize pleasure

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