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Past Lives and the Origin of Your Soul

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“Our Soul Origins, whether primarily tied to Earth, not-on-Earth, or the Angelic Realm of pure Love and Compassion, are exhibited in the nature of our human self and our Soul or Higher Self.”

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

—Mahatma Gandhi

You’re 10 years old and, spontaneously, you KNOW the details of your Past Lives. No one in your life has ever talked about reincarnation.

You’re 8 years old, and you KNOW that dying doesn’t mean you will be totally non-existent, but you have no clear understanding of what happens when we die.

You’re 15 years old, and you KNOW you NEVER want to have children.

Or you’re 24 years old, blind and autistic. Yet, you are a musical prodigy with perfect pitch and an audio photographic memory.

Some SOULS embody to be “learners” and others come to be “teachers.”

Some children and adults have easy recall of Past Lives. The 10-year-old boy has had hundreds, if not a thousand or more lives on Earth, and he’s learned that his intuition has served to keep him safe in numerous, risky past lives as a warrior.

The 8-year-old girl has also experienced numerous incarnations. Though NO ONE has ever spoken to her about what happens when we die or about the SOUL, she has an elusive awareness that we are immortal. The 15-year-old girl is carrying deep Past Life trauma that arises from the kidnapping of her young son. The 24-year-old may well have embodied many times somewhere in the Universe where communication is via sound, rather than verbal.

From where do these skills, knowledge, extraordinary capabilities and fears arise? Past Lives can be on Earth and Interplanetary. Our Soul Origins, whether primarily tied to Earth, not-on-Earth, or the Angelic Realm of pure Love and Compassion, are exhibited in the nature of our human self and our Soul or Higher Self.

“We are mending as we go when we know we are a soul in body for a reason.”

The Evolving Soul, Dr. Linda Backman, p. 36

Each of us is a SOUL incarnate, having a human experience designed to create evolution of our individual SOUL. Our Past Lives include beneficial, as well as not-so-useful Free Will choices to be balanced over lifetimes. Our Past Lives include expanding abilities we carry forward into our future lives.

MOST importantly in life today, we are committed, each in our own way, to aid the needed evolution of our human culture.

Who are you as a SOUL? Why are you on Earth today?

  • What fears do you have that are unexplained in your current life?
  • What passions do you have that you could embrace more fully?
  • What people in your life have had the greatest impact, both pro and con?
  • Are you fascinated with astrology and the Universe, possibly indicating non-Earth experience?
  • Are you profoundly tied to the Divine and the Angelic Realm?

When you accept you are incarnate with distinct purpose—when you accept your competence and incompetence are all windows into your SOUL and Past Lives—then each day easily leads you “higher” on the scale of life pleasure. You come to the acceptance that everything serves your evolution and that of Humanity.

Soul Regression Hypnotherapy and your own intuition bring into the “light of day” why you are incarnate now with purpose. Revelations of Past Life experiences of challenge and advancement provide explanation about who you are today. Join me for classes and private sessions. Learn more at

Sponsored by: The RavenHeart Center and Training Institute

The RavenHeart Center and Training Institute was established by psychologist Dr. Linda Backman in Boulder, CO in 1997. Linda is an international expert in understanding how reincarnation plays a pivotal role in our personal growth and relationships. Linda offers classes and sessions to assist anyone interested in understanding how past lives relate to our lives today, as well as video training in soul regression therapy for practitioners.

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