Toolbox: Affirmation Immersion

Toolbox: Affirmation Immersion

Choose your intention and surround yourself with these S&H picks for affirmations in unexpected places.

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Light fire to your truth with The Pure Candle’s delicately scented, soy wax reminder. ($38)

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Pack your lunch in the Eat Drink Live Tiffin Box and be reminded to truly devour life. ($24)

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Infuse your yoga practice with Affirmats, printed on an eco-friendly, subtly textured surface. ($66)

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With 52 cards per deck, Be the change cards offer a weekly practice of setting your intention for positive change. ($8.95)

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Keep your intention close to your heart with the Word necklace by Asha Patel. ($85)

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Find visual inspiration through the evocative images of the natural world in Mindful Intentions. ($29.95)

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Fill the empty pages of the Affirmation journal with your intentions, hopes and dreams. ($14.95)

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Deeply drink in your affirmation with the sandblasted intention on Blue Bottle Love. ($29)

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Place these peel-and-stick Spots, designed for your yoga mat, wherever you need a reminder of your intention. ($5.95 each)

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Cuddle up with a daily affirmation mug, inspired by energetic wisdom. ($18.50)

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