What Schools Could Teach Us

Imagine what life would be like if we were educated using a curriculum that progressively revealed the interconnected nature of all things. If this were the case, I believe that war would cease to exist, industrial pollution would be a thing of the past, and children would conjure up the Golden Rule of their own accord.More than a decade ago, I had a radical shift in my understanding of the evolved nature of the human brain and mind and, as a consequence, saw what I knew to be a common denominator across the entire body of human knowledge: entropy, one of the laws of energy. This finding made everything I knew click into place. And it made the creation of such a curriculum — one in which the disparate fields of human knowledge are organized within a principled energetic framework — a viable possibility. But its development would be a long and formidable task, and so I set aside the idea of committing myself to making it a reality. Years passed before a confluence of events convinced me that it was my dharma to begin this work. So, in the fall of 2007, I made a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative …

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