November/December 2010

November/December 2010


Create Your Own Holy Day by Rabbi Rami Shapiro


Sharing the Inuit Vision OPENING
America's Most Spiritual Spa 2010 by Stephen Kiesling
Heart of Brightness by James N. Powell
Indulging the Totally Selfish Joy of Selfless Giving by Emma Seppala, PH.D
Sensing the Yin & Yang of Food by Matt Sutherland
Living Your Values by Susan L. Schoenbeck
The Advantage of Many Gods by Judie Fein


From the Editor: Holy Days
Exchange: Letters to the Editor


Care of the Soul: The New Theologian by Thomas Moore
Our Evolving Selves: The Practice of Yoga Nidra by Peggy La Cerra
Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler: Why Waste Time Studying the Bible? by Rami Shapiro
Close to the Ground: Bodhisattvas Are Us by Geri Larkin
Poetry: Poem by Michael Dennis Browne Commentary by Kathleen Norris
Dream Life: My Two Husbands in My New, Old Kitchen by Robert Moss
Zenvesting: We're Not Going to Marry, What Paperwork Do We Need? by Paul H. Sutherland
Best Practice: Finding Your Motorcycle by Mary Lou Dobbs
Book, Music & Film Reviews by Kristine Morris


Soul + Body + Medicine

Do False TV Memories Make Our World Extra Frightening?
Where God Intervenes in Our Brains
The Mother of All Stress Relief

Enlightened Diet

True Balsamic: The Mother of All Vinegars
Muscle Relief from Ginger, Dark Chocolate Helps the Brain, Pistachios Fight Cancer


Twenty Questions for a Spiritually Compatible Relationship
Blessings of the Seven Directions
Praying My Greeting Cards


Creating Beauty in Wounded Places
Gifts for Foodies, Exercise Buffs, and Animal Lovers

Expanding Universe

Does Your Worldview Need Expanding
What Would You Do if God Gave You a Healing Code?
It's Time to Rewrite the 400-Year-Old Passion Play
The Little Heart That Happened

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