Sound Your Note

Sound Your Note


“We are known by a different name for each vibrational level we reach, as our lower names no longer resonate.”

Like many other instances on the spiritual path, when one is ready to receive an update, it usually happens spontaneously. Receiving your Soul note, spiritual name, color, and vibration is no different, when the preparatory work has been done, using focussed meditation, detoxing the body and emotions, and for the asking (as we have to ask) for your Soul note to be revealed. We are known by a different name for each vibrational level we reach, as our lower names no longer resonate.

Once received, your Soul note needs to be expressed daily, especially before departing on a spiritual Journey. There is a reason for this. When your vibrational note is sounded, it travels far and wide and merges with the notes of other people and places (like attracts like). When a note of a similar frequency is encountered, they vibrate together, causing a change and heightening of the quality of harmony, so that when several Soul notes are merged a quantum leap can be made to a higher vibration for each one.

A resonance of sweetness and light is eventually attained, so it is important to sound your note aloud or in silence within your head. To attract to you those who can help lift you and avoid those who would dull the note. At least until you have gained sufficient spiritual strength and a vibration so fast that nothing can lower it. The higher vibrational notes, when merged with others, can also lead you to their physical form, (if they are in the physical) and a meeting can take place on that level and a recognition occurs. It is a great way to meet a potential partner if practiced correctly, or attract that desired job.

Initially time spent in a place of silence and high vibrational energy is beneficial. The cacophony in cities makes it more difficult for your note to emanate, as noise pollution is hard to penetrate. Going on a retreat into a sacred area with a spiritual teacher can kick start this process. Once the technique is mastered you can live anywhere, but you will find your note still cannot travel as far in a city or a noisy, polluted environment.

As your vibration becomes higher and higher you may find it harder to communicate using words—communication will be more of an energetic wave, not only via sound and thoughts, but even to a cellular level. A full knowing often happens and others will wonder how they know, as you merge with their energy patterns as a transfer takes place.

It is also possible to clear the space around you if it feels uncomfortable and expand your energy field to give you space in a crowd. You can also calm an angry and bullying person with this method.

Several methods of preparation can be considered to enable the process of finding your Soul note and increasing the level of light emanation easier. Look into your heart.

In my next article I will guide you through this process if you do not have a wayshower to work with.

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Robyn Adams is the author of three books:

The Sisterhood of the Rose published by Outskirts Press.

The Golden Disc (The Healing Bomb) published by Balboa Press

The Atema (The Enlightened Ones) published by Balboa Press.

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