20 Affirmations for Managing Stress

20 Affirmations for Managing Stress

These 20 affirmations can help, no matter what is stressing you out.


According to the newspaper Daily Mirror, the average person spends 2 hours and 28 minutes a day stressing, often over issues such as parenting, jobs and finances. Whenever I start to think of stress as a contemporary challenge, though, my thoughts turn to the Paleolithic era, when stress involved trying not to be eaten by a saber tooth cat. People were stressed out in the Middle Ages, avoiding the Plague. They were stressed out in the French Revolution, avoiding beheading. So we can’t blame stress entirely on smart phones and email. If you’re alive, you’re stressed. There will always be external traumas or dramas happening. The question is, how are you going to react? These 20 affirmations can help, no matter what is stressing you out.

  1. My peace is my power.
  2. I am flexible like a willow, bending but not breaking.
  3. I release anxious thoughts.
  4. As I exhale, stress leaves my body.
  5. Today I choose joy.
  6. Keep calm and carry on.
  7. Let’s look at the facts.
  8. Nothing is permanent, so I may as well loosen my grip a little.
  9. I’m doing the best I can.
  10. I trust myself to deal with whatever arises.
  11. I choose healthy ways to deal with stress.
  12. I have endless talents to call upon.
  13. I see challenges where others see difficulties.
  14. I am strong and confident.
  15. I release all fear.
  16. I am peaceful in the presence of God.
  17. Today, I embrace simplicity.
  18. Peaceful energy is radiating out from around me.
  19. I trust the universe is looking out for my higher good.
  20. I reclaim my own power.

Do you have an affirmation you use when feeling stressed out? If so, add it to the comments section below.

Kathryn Drury Wagner is a writer and editor based in Los Angeles. Her latest book is Hawaii’s Strangest, Ickiest, Wildest Book Ever!

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