Teachers We Trust

Here’s a simple truth: Everyone is a spiritual teacher. Parents, of course, are profound spiritual teachers. So are children. So are siblings. So are priests and imams and school teachers and athletic coaches and scout leaders and doctors and nurses and massage therapists and activists and bartenders. When we get down to it, every human interaction is potentially a moment of spiritual teaching and learning. So a goal for the spiritual quest is to become both a better student and a better teacher, using both sets of skills to consciously make all of our interactions more reflective of our highest selves.Of course, this isn’t easy. And so we may turn to public experts. What makes these people different from our other spiritual teachers is that we consciously seek them out. We pay for their books and DVDs and weekend workshops and retreats — and sometimes what we receive in return is a new way of thinking that radically changes our lives for the better. Meanwhile, other powerful teachers simply pull us into their own egos, like James Arthur Ray, who failed to notice as his students died beside him in his s …

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