17 Affirmations to Help Manifest Your Dream Life

17 Affirmations to Help Manifest Your Dream Life


The life you desire most is possible, and is even within your grasp—practice any of these 17 affirmations to help bring it into reality.

If you’ve ever tried and failed to make a New Year’s resolution stick, or you’ve made an effort to reach a new goal but found yourself struggling to attain it, you are not alone. By the end of the first week of January, 23% of people quit their resolutions, and 64% quit before February. One of the biggest barriers to making our goals stick is consistency and lasting motivation.

As a mindset coach and spiritual author, I have found a few tricks that help make each year more fulfilling. Focusing on your lifestyle can help create inspired action, especially when you align your actions with your values. Another way is to focus less on resolutions and goals and more on intentions. Having a clear intention can help shape your focus, and using the Law of Attraction to manifest your ideal life is much more attainable than simple resolutions. One of my favorite (and most successful) tools for manifestation is mantra practice.

What Is a Mantra, Anyway?

A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase that one repeats over and over, generally to help concentration when meditating. The word mantra itself is Sanskrit and is composed of the root word man, meaning “mind” or “think,” and tra, meaning “tool” or “instrument.” In essence, a mantra is a tool for the mind or an instrument of thought. The types of mantras I use are in the style of positive affirmative sentences, which help train the brain to focus on the good.

Why Do Mantras and Affirmations Work?

It seems hard to believe that the mere repetition of words can change your thoughts and your life, but trust me: they can. If it’s abundance you dream of, try working with money mantras. If you want a healthier body, focus on body-positive affirmations.

Once you choose one you like, repeat your mantra for at least three to five minutes a day. I usually repeat my mantras first thing in the morning, throughout the day when I take mindful pauses, and right before I go to bed.

The more you believe in your mantra (or mantras), the faster you can manifest your ideal experiences. Make sure when repeating the affirmations that you focus on the vibrational essence of them (instead of just the sound of the words) and have faith in what you desire.

When we focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want, what we desire will show up in our lives. We are all like magnets, both reflecting and attracting what we hold in our mind. Of course, positive thinking and belief alone won’t make your dreams come true. You need to put in the work, too!

This means living in alignment with your goals and taking the necessary steps to bring them to life. For example, if your goal is to eat more wholesome food and feel better in your body, you still need to prioritize eating nourishing foods and take care of your body daily. From there, layering on positive affirmations and visualizations can further reinforce your goal.

Affirmations to Help Manifest Your Ideal Life

  • I am willing to live my life in new, exciting, more aligned ways.

  • Everything is working out for the highest good of all involved.

  • I accept what I cannot change and change what I cannot accept.

  • Rather than focusing on what could go wrong, I focus on what could go right.

  • I let go and let my life flow.

  • I don’t see problems, only pathways.

  • I know that life gets better by change, not chance.

  • I joyfully release what no longer serves me.

  • I know that things don’t happen to me but for me.

  • Abundance and joy are my birthright.

  • I claim my personal power and step into my ideal life with grace and ease.

  • When I follow my heart, I am abundant, successful, and free.

  • I embrace the space between where I am and where I want to be.

  • My positive thoughts create desired results.

  • I am exactly where I want to be to get to where I want to go.

  • I embrace my true self and am unapologetic about my desires.

  • When I nurture the inside, the outside will flourish.

While they may seem too good to be true, affirmations are about shifting your mindset to one of abundance, calling in what you want, and aligning your action with your desires. When you can do those things, you can become the author of your life and attract a world of possibilities.

These affirmations are from my book Find Your Happy Daily Mantras: 365 Days of Motivation for a Happy, Peaceful, and Fulfilling Life.

Try these 16 body-love affirmations.

17 Affirmations to Help Manifest Your Dream Life

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