Learning to Trust Spirit to Reach Our Highest Potential

Learning to Trust Spirit to Reach Our Highest Potential

An Excerpt From Spirit Talker

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A Mi’kmaq psychic and spirit talker offers some of his life story (along with four affirmations) to help us connect more deeply with Spirit and become the best version of ourselves.

Spirit has a way of guiding us through life and pushing us toward where we are meant to be. We get in our own way sometimes, whether we continue with unhealthy patterns because it feels easier, or by staying in situations that don’t always serve us because we’re afraid of the repercussions. Sometimes we can be shortsighted in our own lives. I have realized that Spirit has a plan for all of us, and if we feel a nudge to make a change and shift our lives, it’s because there is a divine design to the universe and our world.

How Spirit Can Guide Us

I recognize this within my own life, and a good example of how Spirit can push you to where you need to be rather than where you think you need to be happened after I relocated to Nova Scotia. I was booking clients six months in advance, and I started to do about a dozen readings per week and began organizing public live shows. Despite the success of being able to start from scratch in a new place, and that clients were finding me without me having to advertise, I felt compelled to hang on to my Canada Post job because it was a reliable income, with benefits and a pension.

I felt called to become a full-time psychic medium, and I didn’t fully trust that I could make it work at first. My guides were patient with me, and I was continually reminded of what my real calling was and had received several reinforcing messages that it was safe to leave my nine-to-five job. Yet I simply couldn’t rationalize doing it; the fear of not having enough money to pay my bills, living expenses, and child and spousal support paralyzed me.

I continued to ignore these messages to the point that Spirit had to step in with a stronger nudge, and it was one I wouldn’t be able to ignore. The fear that had paralyzed me mentally from making that change in my life now began to have real-life implications, and as a result my body broke down and began to paralyze me physically. It took major physical hardship for me to learn it’s easier to just let go and trust, and I’m telling you this story with the hope you will not let fear control your life or your choices, because the reality is all our choices in life have an impact whether we realize they do or not.

It started with a tear in my meniscus in my left knee, which led to multiple knee surgeries. As I was trying to heal, I herniated the L3-L4 disc in my back, which was excruciatingly painful, and I had to use a wheelchair and was unable to work at all for a time. I was placed on a long waiting list for back surgery and was prescribed strong painkillers, and as a result I ended up having to temporarily suspend all my readings. It was a dark time in my life. I went to chiropractors, laser therapy, physiotherapy, and acupuncture. I thought I was doing everything I could, but for a while it felt like nothing helped.

Developing Inner Strength Through Physical Challenges

Slowly, I started to heal, and although I was still reliant on a wheelchair, I was able to do readings again. More importantly, I had developed a new sense of clarity, and I realized these physical challenges were serving as the big nudge that I needed to make some necessary changes in my life.

As a result, I developed a new inner strength, as well as an increased psychic connection during this time. It was apparent that my ability to connect was even more accurate and tuned in when I wasn’t exhausted from working a physically demanding full-time job. Even as I made the decision to quit, I still had a lot of fear attached to that decision, but I also felt enormously supported by the universe—and relieved that I had finally done it.

Everything came together and continued to flow, and as I grew physically stronger each day, and healed more and more, I was able to do even more readings and events without the distraction of another job.

Releasing Fear to Foster Growth

Letting go of our fears can be very difficult, but it’s necessary for growth. Often it can feel easier to continue doing what we have grown accustomed to, rather than shift our perspectives in a way that better serves us. We can get in our own way most of the time and feel weighed down by responsibilities others place on us, and those we place on ourselves.

It’s therefore important to trust when we feel nudged by Spirit to make those decisions, because Spirit has a plan for us that we are not always privy to.

Being a spirit talker is part of my mission, and there was a reason for that dark period in my life. Had I not been pushed more deeply into that role, I likely wouldn’t have been able to serve as many people as I have been so fortunate to. There have been moments in my life that divine intervention has taken place, where I felt Spirit led me to a certain path. This is likely the case for most of you, that you have been faced with seemingly endless roadblocks in a situation or, on the flip side, you have been pushed into leaving something behind only to realize it wasn’t meant for you in the first place.

Sometimes we need to have faith that our guides, angels, Ancestors, and the Creator have a plan for us. We just need to quiet our minds for a moment and realize that we are safe, and we are protected. If you have felt a calling within your own life, trust that the universe will collaborate with you and help guide you to the right people and circumstances to make that dream a reality.

4 Affirmations for Trusting in Spirit

Speak these affirmations out loud, and from your heart center:

  • "I am divinely supported and loved in all experiences of life."

  • "I know bad things happen to direct me to where I am supposed to be."

  • "I trust my divine purpose and spirit guides, even through times when I struggle."

  • "I surrender fear and embrace my purpose."

Excerpted from SPIRIT TALKER by Shawn Leonard, published by Hay House, Inc. Copyright © 2023 by Shawn Leonard.

Learning to Trust Spirit to Reach Our Highest Potential

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