Awakening Our Most Intrinsic Biological Gift: the Power of Our Soul’s Intelligence

Awakening Our Most Intrinsic Biological Gift: the Power of Our Soul’s Intelligence

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In order to address the complexity of challenges we face in the 21st century, we must awaken our most intrinsic biological gifts: the power of our soul’s intelligence, which knows how to heal and restore. Author and spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl shares more.

We are facing what is perhaps the greatest civilizational crisis of our time, the global ecological emergency. If the underlying challenge to climate change (and other systemic social problems) can be traced to human dysregulation—a state of being out of accordance with nature, ourselves, and other humans—then I propose it to be a fundamentally spiritual problem, as much as an environmental, scientific, technological, cultural, psychological, economic, or historical one. At the root of this spiritual problem is collective trauma.

Each human soul is an expression of energy moving along a path of vertical and horizontal development. Yet, every human soul is born into interpenetrating fields of ancestral and collective trauma. The human matrix, or collective field, contains so much instability, dissonance, and alienation that we have all in some way been imprinted by these tensions. Perhaps the greatest consequence of this disequilibrium is the persistent phenomenon of separation.

The complexity of challenges we face in the 21st century demands a new level of human connection and collaboration. By integrating the injured pieces within us and in our collective, we can revive our latent capacities to relate more deeply to others. In this way, we awaken our most intrinsic biological gifts: the powers of our soul’s intelligence—that which inside us knows how to heal and restore.

As we learn to attune to others, we begin to refine our capacities to relate and to walk the profound journey of healing individual, ancestral, and collective trauma.

Perhaps, rather than finding ourselves alive in a time of exponential, unstoppable decline, we will discover the power to access the evolutionary gifts that appear dormant in us. To accomplish this, I believe we must do it together—not separately, but in relation, as communities dedicated to healing our collectives.

It may take only a small number of us to establish a new level of collective coherence—to share our light, heal our wounds, and realize the unawakened potential of our world.

Learn more in Attuned: Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma—and Our World, a guide for anyone committed to the healing of our struggling world. With practical instruction on reducing stress and building resilience, along with practices such as transparent communication, this book is intended to support each of us and our communities in embracing our interdependence.

Awakening Our Most Intrinsic Gift

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