Crystal Cheatham’s Rainbow Resonance Through Socially Responsible Spirituality

Crystal Cheatham’s Rainbow Resonance Through Socially Responsible Spirituality

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The philosophy of socially responsible spirituality helps individuals who face prejudice feel a sense of belonging, especially when dealing with the complexities of faith and identity.

Socially responsible spirituality is an emerging concept that seeks to actively bridge the gap between religion and inclusivity in a social effort to tackle systemic inequalities. In the context of the LGBTQ+ community, which has historically faced condemnation and challenges, this concept takes on added significance.

Faith plays a profound role in shaping beliefs, values, and social interactions within communities, yet navigating religious spaces for many LGBTQ+ individuals remains isolating and discouraging. Crystal Cheatham, an LGBTQ+ activist and author, advocates for a socially responsible spirituality through her rainbow resonance approach.

Just like multiple colors (and identities) can coexist in the rainbow, Crystal aims to create a positive and affirming experience for everyone. This philosophy helps individuals who face prejudice feel a sense of belonging, especially when dealing with the complexities of faith and identity. As a progressive Christian, she leverages various platforms to make faith more accessible and inclusive to everyone at the margins.

Her podcast, "Lord Have Mercy," addresses challenging topics like purity culture, sexism, racism, and colonialism. As an author, Crystal brings new approaches to the traditional social and religious perspectives. Her book, "The Deconstructionists Playbook," affirms queerness, feminism, and interfaith inclusion while opposing racism and promoting interreligious acceptance.

Crystal also founded Our Bible App, which helps uplift believers of the LGBTQ+ communities digitally. Amid a concerning rise in discriminatory incidents affecting LGBTQ Americans, the app initiated an LGBTQ+ youth shelf. This platform offers free resources and addresses the challenges faced by young individuals seeking spiritual guidance. This digital space encourages exploration and active participation in initiatives contributing to more inclusive religious practice. “No kid should believe that their God or Higher Power doesn’t accept them,” says Crystal. “That’s why this shelf is free. If they can download the app, then they can access this often life-saving content without a credit card.”

Crystal has also partnered with Soulforce to champion LGBTQ rights in conservative Christian schools, showcasing her dedication to social justice initiatives, protests, and educational activities. She actively challenges conventional norms by partnering with organizations like REAP (Religious Exemption Accountability Project).

On top of these initiatives, collaborations with progressive Christian institutions and her partnerships with LGBTQ+ inclusive conferences, including the Queer Christian Fellowship Conference, have contributed to the welfare of these communities.

Despite concerns about discrimination, LGBTQ+ activists worldwide anticipate progress. Addressing specific challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, various activists (including Kevin Garcia and Matthias Roberts) have acted as catalysts for change by promoting inclusivity, particularly in the world of faith, church, and religion.

Crystal embraces socially responsible spirituality with inclusive principles, bringing vibrant colors into the lives of intersectional individuals. Her efforts celebrate the diverse spectrum symbolized by the rainbow and actively contribute to fostering a more compassionate world. It shows that access to faith is not as exclusive as some may like you to believe.

Download her app today to start your journey in socially responsible spirituality.

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