Use the Tarot to Find Yin-Yang Harmony in Relationships

Use the Tarot to Find Yin-Yang Harmony in Relationships

The tarot can be used to find balance between feminine and masculine energies in ourselves and our relationship. One tarot deck creator explains how.

By respecting the dynamics of balance, we can weather anything life throws at us. We lose balance and find it again. We lose connection to Self and find it again. Balancing is an innate expression of health.” — From The Sacred She Tarot by Ma Deva Padma

The concepts of yin and yang are widely understood as the interplay and attraction of opposites, and the balanced energy exchange between active and receptive principles. This dynamic dance of two primary forces occurs within all living things and is essential to the expansion and contraction of life. Inherent within this rhythm is an equalizing mechanism that restores equilibrium when the yin-yang balance is disrupted with one side overemphasized and becoming dominant, particularly in relationships.

Trust and willingness to relinquish control are essential when addressing relationship imbalances. If the connection is important to you, it may be worth soul-searching. Introspection can be done through various means and practices, including therapies, meditation, and contemplation, as well as by utilizing creative tools designed for self-inquiry such as the tarot.

How the Tarot Can Improve Clarity and Harmony

Tarot decks come in a wide range of styles, from enigmatic and esoteric to playful and humorous. Apart from decks that express traditional arcane symbolism, there are decks specifically designed to increase self-awareness. When communication breaks down and uncertainty takes hold in relationships, these decks can be helpful in revealing unexpected attributes influencing discord. A tarot reading can provide valuable insights into emotional and psychological factors that lead to misunderstandings. By identifying these factors, you can work towards finding solutions that improve clarity and harmony.

The Sacred She Tarot deck is designed to help you better understand changes that lead to breakdowns rather than breakthroughs. A meditative tarot session with this deck or another begins with clarifying the issue at hand for yourself and then unearthing aspects that impact your current situation. By utilizing the guidance in a tarot reading, individuals gain insight that empowers self-respect and fortifies inner strength.

A Tarot Spread for Relational Harmony

Here is an example of a four-card reading you can use with The Sacred She Tarot or another tarot deck:

Take a moment to sit in a quiet space to explore the root of the imbalance you are facing in your relationship. Shuffle the cards while holding that intention. Spread the cards face down.

To begin, select four cards and keep them face down until all four are drawn. Then, turn them over in the order they were drawn.

1. The first card designates what will help you to better understand the issue at hand.

2. Place the second card to the left of card one. This card will reveal a characteristic you may have been unaware of that either supports or confuses the issue.

3. Place the third card to the right of card one. This card reveals what will change once a better understanding is achieved.

4. Finally, place the fourth card above the first three cards drawn. Given the insight gathered from the previous three cards, it discloses the way forward.

Additional cards can be drawn to gain further insight into any cards pulled during the reading.

Honoring Yin and Yang Energies in Our Relationships

When we honor and appreciate the unique qualities of both yin and yang, we create a space for a beautiful and harmonious exchange in our relationships. This perspective enables us to unlock unprecedented potential and fine-tune all aspects in unison towards a more constructive outcome.

In the sacred art of Tibetan Buddhism, the literal coupling of deities represents the perfect balance or ecstatic union of two equally powerful energies, otherwise known as the Divine Feminine and Masculine principles. We are habituated to think dualistically and live by that interpretation. Liberated from that standpoint, we can finally experience a collective heartbeat that is common to all.

If you feel you have lost the plot or are cut off from life, breathe, relax, and reconnect with your center, which is unbiased, neutral, and calm. Weakness arises from inclining too far in a particular direction. Whether it’s to the right or the left, this belief or that, by becoming one-sided, stability is lost. A wise tarot session reminds us that equilibrium can be restored even in extreme situations.

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Use the Tarot to Find Yin Yang Harmony in Relationships 2

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