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7 Ways to Inspire Healing and Hope After a Disaster

“We are all individual in our response to trauma, and we are all unique in our recovery process.”

Circles and Synchronicities

In a week of both tragic and comedic karma, Keith Kachtick awakens to the circular nature of the Universe and our existence in it.

Healing in Brussels

Our producer said she was happy that the concert venue would be mostly full that night. Many people had stopped coming to concerts because of the intense fear that overtook the cit…


“In a place where there are no heroes—be a hero!” This two thousand year old challenge by Hillel the Elder, whom many consider to have been Jesus’ rabbi, is a staple of Jewis…

It’s not “Islam,” It’s not “Religion,” It’s Fanaticism

The hideous massacre in Orlando on June 12 has been analyzed from a variety of angles: as a terrorism issue; a gun control issue; a mental health issue; an election campaign issue;…

When the Gunman Walked Into My Church

Learning the fundamentals of emergency preparedness.