Our Favorites: Books That Changed the Way We Think

Our favorite book picks by the S&H Staff The Open Mind by Dawna MarkovaThe Open Mind taught me that an important discussion with my husband would yield better results if we talked while we hiked instead of sitting at our kitchen table. Although the idea that everyone learns differently is not new, The Open Mind offers the tools, insight, and language to understand why. 
―Alma Tassi Walden by Henry David ThoreauThoreau was the first author to ever point out a path of authenticity via meaningful work and introspection to me. My teenage brain expanded ... much to the delight of my tenth-grade English teacher. Every time I pick up that old tattered copy to reread, I still find it’s like a conversation with a wise friend when the world feels overwhelming. ―Courtney Sorrell The Good War by Studs TerkelStuds Terkel interviewed 121 people, from generals to housewives, to write this sweeping oral history of World War II. Reading this book as a teenager made me realize that everyone has a story, something that led me to become a journalist and continues to inspire me. ―Ilima Loomis Chop Wood Carry Water by Ri …

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