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5 Ways to Sit Less to Save Your Brain

5 creative ways to move more.

Don’t Just Sit There!

Consider the modern-day cubicle dweller: slouching forward in her swivel chair, she zones out in front of a computer while cradling a phone between her shoulder and ear. Her left h…

Go Ahead...Exercise During the Workday

An avalanche of research proves the health benefits of rewiring your day (and your life) by getting up from your chair

Secrets to Pain-Free Sitting

I’m reading Cathryn Ramin’s excellent forthcoming book, Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery. (Stay tuned for the upcoming review in Spiri…

Sitting and the Aging Brain

We spend much of our day sitting. Whether it’s driving from point a to point b, switching channels with the remote control, or tapping away at our keyboards or phones; our bodies s…

Summertime, and the Sitting Is Easy…

If emptying your mind feels like work, try this.

The 1-Hour Walking Solution

Sixty minutes of moderate exercise can help undo the damage of sitting all day.

The Surprising Connection Between Sitting and Anxiety

Understanding the link between sedentary behavior and anxiety can help us come up with strategies for lifestyle changes.

To Shed Your Extra Cushioning, Shed Your Extra Cushioning

Once only the rich had shoes and chairs and excess fat

Why Do We Do Long Sittings?

Our meditation group had six stalwart sitters yesterday for our four-hour block sitting, in spite of the our city’s annual summer festival being in full swing, the gorgeous weather…