Reiki Sleep

reviewed by Kristine Morris

Reiki Music for Blissful Sleep

By Llewellyn

Designed for Reiki practitioners or anyone who is using Reiki for oneself or others, this subtle, relaxing music begins with a brief introduction that allows the listener to get comfortable and begin to relax. It then focuses on each chakra, beginning at the crown and gently moving downward until, with track number eight, the listener is able to drift into a peaceful sleep.

The music for Reiki Sleep was composed by Llewellyn, whose first Reiki album earned Silver Record status in the United Kingdom and who is highly respected for his contributions to healing music, with more than a million albums sold worldwide. Llewellyn and his singing partner, Juliana, also perform more mainstream work, for which they have been likened to Enya and Clannad.

Reiki Sleep is a welcome adjunct to meditation, yoga, massage, and other healing modalities and also can be used to create a blessed, sacred space wherever you are. The accompanying notes by Mandy O’Neill, a healer and Reiki master (teacher), beautifully illustrate the chakras and give basic background information on Reiki (universal life force energy) and the Reiki attunements that enable practitioners to use this popular handson healing technique to bring health and balance to themselves and others.

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