Quantum Activist

reviewed by Kristine Morris

A Film by Ri Stewart and Renee Slade

Intention Media/Blue Dot Productions

Quantum ActivistWith humor and with, theoretical physicist Amit Goswami, Ph.D., tells how he left the religion of his childhood to pursue the study of nuclear and theoretical quantum physics, and how this study brought him, full circle, back to the teachings of his youth. In this visually pleasing and idea-dense documentary, he bridges the gap between God and science, stating that there is now scientific evidence for the existence of God — and he asks viewers to consider what they intend to do about it.

Many will remember Dr. Goswami from his appearances in the films What the Bleep Do We Know? and The Dalai Lama Renaissance. He has also written more than a dozen books, including textbooks on quantum mechanics and books on consciousness and the New Science. In Quantum Activist, he alerts viewers as to how the materialist view of reality has led to our current environmental, social, economic, and spiritual crises. He asks that we consider the evidence in support of a consciousness-based universe and use our awareness of this new scientific paradigm to participate in the creation of the reality that we all share.

Even though today’s mainstream science is still basically materialist, ever greater numbers of scientists are coming to agree on the primacy of consciousness; this new paradigm in science is also helping to reveal the unity inherent in the world’s major religions and mystical traditions. Tackling issues such as dualism (it cannot exist in a world in which consciousness is the ground of being); why just “intending” for something to happen is not sufficient (the key lies in the difference between making choices based in ego and choices made in God-consciousness); understanding the connection between what mystics throughout the ages have called “God” and the scientifi c view of “God” as quantum, or non-local, consciousness; and other such potent issues, Dr. Goswami’s presentation is a tour de force of thought-provoking material, presented in a forthright, lively, and enjoyable manner.

“I invite you to become a quantum activist,” he says. “We can change ourselves, and we can change the world, simultaneously.”


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